From Boring to Exhilarating!

Our Story

The idea of The Bunch Up was born out of casual conversation. My sister and I were sharing our desires – mine, a need for an accountability partner to kickstart my fitness journey, and hers, a wish to connect with other expectant moms in her area. The idea of finding like-minded people or folks willing to join in activities we were passionate about ignited our imagination.

And that was it!

We set out to create a platform where you can effortlessly find people who share your interests and participate in activities that make you happy. Our mission was simple – to make it easier to connect with like-minded people and turn ordinary activities into extraordinary memories.

More than just fun!

While The Bunch Up facilitates enjoyable experiences like playing board games, trying new recipes, or exploring new places, it also aims to address a growing need: combating loneliness and mental health conditions.

By building connections through shared interests, it can help individuals combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, positively impacting their well-being.

Who’s The Bunch Up for?

The Bunch Up is for anyone who is seeking to have some fun with people who share their interests and passions. Some of the people who can use The Bunch Up are:

The Newbies in the Town

Bored out of your mind and don’t know anyone in the area to hang out with? Hit up The Bunch Up. We show you the activities happening around you and you can choose the ones that match your vibe and availability. Whether you fancy learning to cook a new recipe or going on a hiking trail, we got you!

The One with Social Anxiety

Scared of large crowds? You don’t need them to have fun anymore. Go to The Bunch Up and find someone to watch a movie with or maybe do some gardening. Whatever your heart desires, we will help you connect with people who share your interests.

The Mental Health Fix

Whether you are clinically depressed or just going through a low phase, a small gathering of like-minded people, a candid conversation with the right person, having someone to motivate you, or just doing something you love can do you wonders. So, what do you do? You go to The Bunch Up and find or host the activities you like.

The Enthusiast

Always ready for the next adventure but don’t have anyone to join you? We can help. List your activity on The Bunch Up platform and we will help you connect with people who are ready to be a part of your adventures.

Our Vision

To become the preferred platform for everyone seeking to find like-minded people to share their interests with. And to build a global community based on empathy, compassion, and genuine human connections.

Our Mission

To unveil the true power of no-fuss, meaningful small gatherings, build beautiful connections, foster mental wellbeing, and create lasting memories.

Our Values

Community First

We prioritise building a supportive and inclusive community where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected. Community is at the core of what we do.

Mental Health First

Your mental well-being is a priority for us. We recognise the positive impact that social connections and shared experiences can have on mental health. Our commitment is to contribute positively to the well-being of our community.

Simplicity and Accessibility

We are committed to keeping things simple and accessible. Our platform is user-friendly, ensuring that connecting with others and hosting gatherings is easy for everyone.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace a culture of continuous improvement. We actively seek feedback from our community to enhance our platform, features, and overall user experience.


We empower individuals to take control of their social lives. Whether it’s finding an accountability partner, joining a trekking club, or hosting a chess match, we believe in the transformative power of connecting with others.

Joy in Diversity

We celebrate diversity in all its forms. The richness of our community lies in the variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and interests that come together on The Bunch Up.

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